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Longview Lake Park


Longview Lake Park (PDF)


  1. Airplane Field
  2. Balloon Port (optional)
  3. Baseball / Softball (optional)
  4. Beach (optional)
  5. Bike Trail (optional)
  6. Boat Ramps (optional)
  7. Campgrounds (optional)
  8. Fishing (optional)
  9. Fishing for Disabilities
  10. Golf (optional)
  11. Horseback Riding (optional)
  12. Marinas (optional)
  13. Nature Area (optional)
  14. Picnic Shelters (optional)
  15. Trails (optional)
  16. Water

About the Park

  • Total Lake Area: 930 acres
  • Total Land Area: 4,852 acres
Take the Raytown Road Exit (Exit 4) off I-470 and turn south. Go 1 mile.

Longview Lake Park has been a favorite place to play and relax ever since it first opened in 1986. It attracts more than a million visitors every year.

The park is host of many County events and activities, including the popular Christmas In The Park holiday display.


The park is part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Little Blue River Project for flood control, recreation and other water resource development. The large number of recreational features includes:
  • 4-Mile Nature Trail
  • 6-Mile Bicycle Trail
  • Balloon Port
  • Beach
  • Corporate Picnic Shelters (2)
  • Corps of Engineers Office
  • Family Picnic Area
  • Fishing Docks For Individuals With Disabilities (2)
  • Frank White, Jr. Softball Complex
  • Fred Arbanas Golf Course
  • Full-Service Marina
  • Horse Park
  • Longview Lake
  • Multi-lane Boat Ramps (2)
  • Picnic Shelters (14)
  • Primitive Organized Camping
  • Public Campground
  • Radio-Controlled Model Airplane Field


  1. Longview Bike Trail

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  2. Longview Lake Shelter #13

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