Park Safety & Regulations


The primary mission of the Park Safety and Enforcement Division of the Parks Department is to assist in the control, management and protection of all Jackson County parks, wildlife, natural and cultural resources. This is accomplished through enforcing regulations set forth in Chapter 50 of the Jackson County Code.


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Park Safety and Enforcement provides for the safety of Park patrons and enforcement of ordinances pertaining to all Park land, waterways and facilities. This includes the coordination of related services of the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri State Water Patrol, Jackson County Sheriff's Department and other local Law Enforcement Agencies. There is a full time staff of Rangers who patrol the 21,000 acres of parkland - the 3rd largest county parks system in the United States - 365 days a year. Rangers patrol by vehicle, boat, ATV, bike and on foot.

Public Relations

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Park Rangers are the "Park's Department" to everyone they meet, and first impressions are very important. Rangers serve the citizens of Jackson County, and the 1 million plus annual visitors to our Park system.

Rangers provide Patrons with public relations information, park safety information as well as enforcement of Park rules and regulations. Please contact the Rangers Station at 816-503-4890 for further information regarding Park Safety or general information about our vast Park System.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Parks Ranger Station at 816-503-4890 or view the Park Regulations

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