Fort Osage National Historic Landmark

Panoramic image of Fort Osage historic buildings

About Fort Osage

Step back in time and experience the lives of the men and women who secured the American Frontier at Fort Osage National Historic Landmark.

Built in 1808, under the direction of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Fort Osage served a dual roles as both a military garrison and a trade center.

Today, authentically attired historical interpreters take visitors on a journey through Fort Osage's past. Visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of the reconstructed historic site that overlooks the Missouri River as they learn about the daily life of military, civilian, and Native American populations at Fort Osage and explore museum exhibits at the Fort Osage Education Center.

The Fort Osage Education Center houses 4,000 square feet of exhibition space sharing the history, people, cultures and environment connected with the historic site and region. The Education Center Gift Store has an extensive collection of merchandise including, books, jewelry, souvenirs, paper goods, historic reproductions, toys and unique gifts for the guest of any age.   

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