Outdoor Education

Visit Jackson County's parks and get in touch with nature. The County's Parks + Rec Department offers countless opportunities for exciting, and educational, outdoor activities. View our Educational Experiences Packet (PDF) for more information.
  1. Dogtober Fest

    Dogtober Fest

    Come out and have a good time with dogs and people alike. The event includes contests and games, workshops, demonstrations and more.

  2. Jacomo Summer Camp

    Jacomo Summer Camp

    Take the plunge and discover the fun of the Jacomo Summer Camp! Each day is an adventure with canoeing, swimming, archery, fishing, hiking, nature study, arts and crafts, science projects and field trips.

  3. Kemper Outdoor Education Center

    Kemper Outdoor Education Center

    Nestled in the Fleming Park Nature Preserve on the east side of Lake Jacomo, the Kemper Outdoor Education Center is a haven for nature lovers and educators.

  4. Native Hooved Animal Enclosure

    Native Hooved Animal Enclosure

    Stare a buffalo in the eye. Bring your family to enjoy watching a family of elk playing in a pasture. Feed apples or pears to the animals as they approach the fences. This 110-acre fenced enclosure inside Fleming Park on East Park Road is home to bison, elk and white-tailed deer.

  5. X-Stream Green Field Trips

    X-Stream Green Field Trips

    Our X-Stream Green Program is a multi-station outdoor educational program designed for 1st - 5th graders.